Yes, SEC Still In Title Chase

Yes, SEC Still In Title Chase

SEC Is Still Poised For A Fifth Title Run At Mid Season.

By: BE Coleman

A weekend of storylines following South Carolina's timely and sound beating of Alabama has debaters questioning the strength of the SEC's national title hopes at mid season.

Obviously as it presently stands and for many, there is a purported belief that the SEC only has one school in contention for the title chase. Yet, for the folks that reside on The Plains in Auburn and The Swamp Things that live in the Louisiana Bayou, it's a token of unrecognized measure.

Both SEC schools are unbeaten with half of their seasons complete. Nay Sayers point to the last minute and last play wins by both schools as the quantifiable measure that both programs don't have or don't possess the right stuff to get the task done.

Perhaps it is looking at the glass half full perhaps it is not. Either way it is sliced up, the ending axiom is that both SEC schools are continuing to find ways to win close games.

In Baton Rouge, LSU continues winning when the odds are against them under head coach Les Miles, who comes under fire as the man in trouble – hence his iconic Mad Hatter tabulation.

Exactly as the Hatter, Miles is an escape artist that escapes the draw of the axe amid his often-quotable minute theorems after pulling out the victory. (Now it is explained unto you – the Hatter escapes deaths and then responds with riddling-puzzling quotes)

Since Miles arrival to the Bayou Tiger Kingdom, LSU has won many more times than they have lost. Not being noted is that the Tigers have also lost more coordinators in that time due to success than any other. It has to be brought out into the discussions.

LSU has a propelling BCS ingredient that most others do not. Year in – year out the local yocals from America's critter crawlin' swamp land are high caliber players that find their way to the top of the NCAA stat sheets.

The Plains Tigers have one of the nation's better performing players in Cameron Newton to be written off as the nations 8th ranked team heading into week seven of the season.

Newton's 398 yard - four touchdown performance last week against a rising Kentucky program, should have him garnering Heisman attention by the trophies definition.

Auburn is as powerful as anyone right now in the nation. There is a footnote upon second year SEC coaches that manage to waltz into a national title picture exists as well.

Either one of these schools should be favored when talk begins long before any dust has settled in Atlanta on the first Saturday of December.

Certainly Alabama is not out of the picture as darlings who garner votes based on past prestige. Equally Florida has not beaten South Carolina to put their name back into any of the available BCS hats.

The Crimson Tide absolutely has to run the gauntlet while displaying downright gaudy numbers to get to Atlanta with only one blemish. Behind their dynamic duo of Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson it's still quite possible, but it's not carved in stone.

When speaking of one-loss teams in the SEC, Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks bring a merited case if they can march into the capital city of Georgia and come out with a conference title.

At this point it is up to a lagging Gator squad to halt the Carolina run more than it is finding Alabama escaping the western wrath that awaits them in the conference's left coast.

It is way too early to hand a BCS Championship birth to a one-loss favorite based upon sentimentalism when another one loss team that soundly beat the affectionate exists, and with two unbeaten programs that exist heading down the final six game stretch.

Without question, the SEC has teams with enough reach to get to the big dance.

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