SEC Bloggers Week Eight Review

Week Eight under the gun

Each Monday, CFN's SEC Bloggers put the previous weekend under the microscope, looking for the Lucky 7.

BG is Billy Gomila, BH is Brian Harbach, GH is Gabe Harris , RM is Russ Mitchell, and BS is Barrett Sallee.

1. OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Cameron Newton; QB, Auburn
BG: Cameron Newton; QB, Auburn – He earned all of the accolades and more. Possesses a second gear I've never seen in a running quarterback in this conference.
BH: Cameron Newton; QB, Auburn – Broke Auburn's single season touchdown record, broke the SEC rushing record and broke the hearts of LSU fans as he gashed the Tiger defense.
GH: Cameron Newton; QB, Auburn – Led an Auburn attack that ran for 440 yards versus an LSU defense previously giving up only 84 yards rushing per game. That was the most ever for an AU team against an SEC opponent.
RM: Cameron Newton; QB, Auburn – Would say this is getting old, but he's just too fun to watch. He and Fairley nearly won that game by themselves. (Nod to Washaun Ealey, RB, Georgia – 5 TDs on 157 road yards; and most importantly no fumbles in two games!)
BS: Cameron Newton; QB, Auburn – Honestly, you could just call this the "Cameron Newton Award" at this point.

BG: Nick Fairley; DT, Auburn – He was the Auburn defense.
BH: Nick Fairley; DT, Auburn – Unblockable…the guy was blowing up double teams on his way to 2.5 sacks..
GH: Nick Fairley; DT, Auburn – Just as Cam Newton solidified his position as SEC Offensive Player of the Year, Fairley may have done the exact same for Defensive POY.
RM: Nick Fairley; DT, Auburn – Hard to run when Fairley beats the RB to the QB.
BS: Nick Fairley; DT, Auburn – Tallied 2.5 sacks and caused a whole bunch of mayhem in the Auburn's win over LSU.

BG: Derek Helton and Josh Jasper; P, LSU – They were LSU's best weapon against Auburn, kicking ‘em long and short with uncanny precision. Not that it mattered all that much.
BH: Derek Helton and Josh Jasper; P, LSU – Combined to put 5 punts inside the Auburn 10, game would have been very different without these 2 punting.
GH: Derek Helton and Josh Jasper; P, LSU – Kept LSU in a game that wasn't as close as the score by consistently making Auburn drive the length of the field.
RM: Derek Helton and Josh Jasper ; P, LSU – Given how poor LSU's O was, without Helton & Jasper the Tigers lose by 21.
BS: Brandon Boykin; KR, Georgia – 100-yard KO return for a touchdown in the first quarter vs. Kentucky. (Nod to LSU pooch punters Josh Jasper and Derek Helton, who would have been the MVP's of the game if LSU had upset Auburn.)

BG: Gus Malzahn – There is something to be said for knowing your strengths, and Malzahn clearly knows what (and who) makes his offense go. He doesn't get fancy, he just lets Cam do his thing.
BH: Mark Richt – Has brought the Bulldogs back from the brink of destruction with 3 straight SEC (albeit SEC East) wins in convincing fashion.
GH: Mark Richt – Has turned around UGA's season, and while they are still behind the 8-ball in the SEC East, they are a dangerous team for anyone who has to play them down the road.
RM: Gene Chizik – How do you not give this to him after his biggest win at Auburn? For recruiting Cam, for hiring Malzahn, for putting all the pieces in place… This team is winning the NC. He might be Coach of the Year.
BS: Mark Richt - Remember when Georgia was a complete train wreck a month ago? Richt has kept his team motivated and has the Bulldogs playing the best football in the SEC East.

BG: LSU v. Auburn – LSU fought hard, Auburn fought harder, and the king of the 2010 college football season may have been crowned.
BH: LSU v. Auburn – LSU's special teams kept it close but this game was dominated by the AU lines. It could have gone either way late into the 4th.
GH: LSU v. Auburn – Another good battle between these 2 that saw Auburn take control of the SEC West.
RM: LSU at Auburn – If you have Auburn season tickets, you've got your money's worth for the entire season – and it isn't even October yet.
BS: LSU vs. Auburn – This game provided everything, including big plays, hard-hitting defense and late-game heroics. But honestly, did you expect anything different in the SEC's most consistently thrilling rivalry?

BG: Jeremiah Massoli – 327 yards and no interceptions? When was the last time any Houston Nutt QB even broke the three-bill mark?
BH: Auburn's rushing yards – We all knew that Cameron Newton would get his yards, but to bust up the LSU defense for 440 on the ground is unimaginable.
GH: Auburn's rushing dominance – 2 rushers get 100 yards and all 5 AU ball carriers averaged at least 6.7 YPC.
RM: Auburn's rushing – 440 yards against that defense is a very special performance, although...
BS: Auburn's defense – After giving up about a mile-and-a-half to Arkansas, the Tigers came out inspired. Yeah, it was LSU, and they have trouble scoring against air. But at times this season, Auburn's defense has been worse than air.

BG: LSU Defense - Tackling, gap discipline and fundamentals were stressed all week by the Tiger defensive staff, and they went out the window on Saturday. Everybody figured Newton would have success, but not like that.
BH: Wildcat Turnovers - Kentucky outgained UGA by 133 yards but turned the ball over 4 times. The Wildcats held Georgia to 290 yards of offense but were never in the game.
GH: LSU's last offensive play - Should I really be disappointed when something like this happens every week? On 4th Down and coming off a timeout the LSU players looked confused and out of sync, which led to a feeble rush attempt out of bounds and short of the 1st down marker.
RM: LSU's Offense - …LSU's QBs put up a pathetic 89 yards passing (not counting a RB toss - even than, it's just 128). That against a defense that had been surrendering nearly 300 yards passing, and it was the difference in this game. LSU's punting gave them field position – the Tigers seemed to start near mid-field the entire 2H. However, with more 3 and outs than we could count, LSU's defense played nearly 20 of the half's 30 minutes.
BS: South Carolina's general malaise - They got the win over Vandy, but this South Carolina team should be a lot more dominant than they've shown the last few weeks. Maybe they can't handle being the "hunted" after all.

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