Will Newton Fiasco Spiral Auburn Out Of BCS

Will Newton Fiasco Spiral Auburn Out Of BCS

A story this large should have the Queen of England's full attention.

By: BE Coleman

Auburn's march toward an SEC Championship bid and consequential run for the BCS Crystal has taken a backseat to the continued assemblage of Cameron Newton headlines.

The mainstream news media is no longer focused on the Tigers dance through the 2010 regular season, nor is it upon Newton's candidacy for a trophy issued within the New York Touchdown Club.

As if the season was not filled with enough intrigue, a new narrative is being assembled that has dark clouds of disdain hanging from within its confluence.

Unless you're in the know, you may not even know who Auburn will play this week, due to a carefully detailed timeline following Newton into Florida, out of Florida, to Mississippi State and finally off to Auburn out of Atlanta.

The story has become so voluminous that the next news should find James Bond - 007 himself is on the case with a grievous penance lodged between his teeth. MI 2 will already have deployed their top agent to the sandy soils of Eastern Alabama, with Firestone's mounted upon his silver Aston Martin.

A story this large should have the Queen of England's full attention; if its intended to derail the Tigers chance to get to the top with empirical charges. Perhaps the evil axis of Spectre' is behind the truth of the lotus son.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. The distraction level that has been magnified from the hourly news updates may not show on the surface of the team. But let some adversity strike in a tough and tumble game, and the Tigers focus will likely change.

Auburn has two tough games with Georgia this Saturday and Alabama in two weeks. Their performances in both contests are all that stand in the way of an SEC Title appearance in Atlanta, GA., four weeks from now.

The never ending storylines could be all that are needed to derail the Tigers bigger hopes for an elusive BCS Championship appearance that has been an SEC mainstay since 2006. Should Auburn falter inside state borders, the fallout will remain for many years.

The two most damming items are not media investigation news, but come from SEC Coaches themsselves.

Florida coach Urban Meyer's statement that the Gator "coaching staff did not leak," any information surrounding academics is validated. Obviously information was leaked, just not from the staff.

The other arises from Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen's own words, "The people that need to know the truth, know the truth." Both statements are immense distractions above the media reports.

For now, keep an eye out for 007 on Toomer's Corner, it is all that is missing from this soap opera.

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