Vandy Has To Make Right Hire

Vandy Has To Make Right Hire

Is Vanderbilt committed to contributing an equal share of earned revenue to the SEC in football?

By: BE Coleman

Noticing that there is more attention being paid to the next Vanderbilt hire than the current hire made by Florida is keeping news wires hot.

Without question finds the spotlight is on Vandy to make the right hire.

Pressure that was not visibly seen before now surrounds the stately campus in southwest Nashville.

Uneasiness surrounding the Commodore athletics' milking the SEC for annual payout's, yet are not contributing an equal share is gaining momentum and greater notice.

It was thought that the success seen under Bobby Johnson would see a leaf turning for Vandy. The program's tarnish was lifted enough to see how poorly the conditions surrounding football, the big money earner in the SEC's annual payout had been neglected.

Johnson's "do more with less," brought forth long overdue upgrades to the campus facilities. His surprising departure staggered the conference and the Commodore program immeasurably.

Propelled by the prophetic musings of David Climer at the Tennessean Newspaper, found the axe befall upon Robbie Caldwell after his eleventh game, in a short head coaching tenure despite his amusing humor.

Speaking with Dave the very next week in articulated conversation, noted the awareness that enough was not being done for dear old Dudley Field.

On a personal note I recalled from my own educational time spent there that more attention was paid by boosters in Green Hills to their impressive flotilla's moored on Dale Hollow, than being good Vandy alums. It's a fact.

If it can be done at Stanford, Northwestern and at Southern California then why not dear old Vandy?

The evaluations that enough was not being done has found Vandy responding that they were and are committed. The musings from another Tennessean columnist Joe Biddle feels they are not truly committed.

Williams noted that Vanderbilt was not staying competitive after falling to Kentucky 38-20 and to Tennessee 24-10 before releasing Caldwell from his duties as head coach.

Speculated news reports had the Commodores offering up as much as $3 million dollars to Auburn coordinator Gus Malzahn. Vandy did offer the job to Malzahn, but there is scrutiny surrounding the financial package that was initially reported.

What person in their right mind would turn down that much compensation to stay in eastern Alabama for half that amount? The answer is no one in their right mind – especially a married – liability carrying individual, who wishes to be the best provider possible.

Vice Chancellor David Williams has noted to the media that Maryland coordinator James Franklin was a serious candidate, but it an unproven coach. He is due a million dollar payout by the Terps as the coach in waiting, if current head coach Ralph Friedgen does not retire as planned at the end of 2011.

Vandy beat writer Jeff Lockridge in his Blog noted that Williams could make the hire of Franklin. If he is hired, then he should face the same swift directives given unto the quickly departed Caldwell.

A name with the most weight in all of the hiring scenarios that have taken place and are taking place nationally that's not in discussion is that of June Jones.

Jones, currently in his first year at SMU has a remarkable resume of success. He found a way to make Hawaii notable, taking them to the greatest heights in the school's history. Already he took the death nailed program to the C-USA Championship after they were 1-11 last year before his arrival.

Other names being circulated are Larry Coker at Texas-San Antonio and former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach.

Whomever Vanderbilt decides upon, will be under a much larger microscope to prove they are trying to stay competitive within the conference gridiron. Scrutiny is on the doorstep, and it's not leaving this time.

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