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Tennessee Coach Derek Dooley

Southeastern Conference coaches and players are gathered in Birmingham, Alabama for SEC Media Days. Coach Derek Dooley discussed expectations for the Vols' football season.

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Coach Derek Dooley of Tennessee...

On improvements this season:

"We need to improve on just about everything, because we really weren't good at anything. On offense, it starts with the run game. [Our coaches] put a big commitment in the spring on improving that area. On defense, we need to be a lot more aggressive to impact the game in a positive way. We're going to try to be a little more aggressive on defense. We have to play well across the board on the other areas, too. But those have been the two big points of emphasis."

On playing in the Chick-Fil-A Classic:

"It's why you come to Tennessee. You want to play in these kind of games. It's a great way to kick off the season. We're playing an opponent that's picked to win the ACC by a lot of's going to be a good early measure for our football team."

On the newly-formed college football playoff system:

"I commend the leadership of our conferences and the BCS in making that step. I think it's going to be a healthy thing for college football. The biggest thing I always worry about is the fans. It makes it a little more challenging. If you're a Tennessee fan, any of the other fans, you got the SEC game, the semi, the national, that's your biggest concern... We don't want to lose what made this game special; we don't want to lose what makes this league special."

On quarterback Tyler Bray:

"[He's improved because of] his investment in being good off the field. A lot of things go into that. It's how you work when you come into the facility, whether it's how you're training in the weight room, going out there and throwing with the wideouts, the film study you're doing by yourself. It's also your leadership when you're here. How much are you affecting the other guys on the team to put in the kind of work you're putting in? I've seen a real change in his maturity level. I'm hoping he continues on that path and I'm hoping it will net him some big results this fall." Recommended Stories

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