BRR Filmroom: Chongo Kondolo

BRR Filmroom: Chongo Kondolo

The Nebraska recruiting class is coming together nicely in the home stretch with the addition of commitment No. 24, Chongo Kondolo. breaks down Kondolo's sophomore film from Fresno (Calif.) City College.

Nebraska maybe didn't plan on picking up any junior college offensive lineman, but today they picked up a second one who will push for time right away. Chongo Kondolo is listed as a 6-foot-4 and 300-pound offensive lineman from Fresno (Calif.) City College.

First thing that you notice about Kondolo is what position he is playing. He lines up at left tackle and a 6-foot-4 is likely a little short to play there at the next level. But, you understand now why he played OT at Fresno. His feet are exceptional.

Kondolo in pass pro does a great job of really dropping the anchor and never getting his feet close together. Kondolo has a great slide to pick up those smaller, quicker edge rushers and always seems to find the right angles and wins the battles when he gets his hands on the rusher.

Where Kondolo really excels is in the running game where he shows excellent hand placement, pop and keeps his back nice and straight with his head up. Kondolo gets under the defenders shoulder pads, popping them up and back and then drives his man off of the line of scrimmage.

Kondolo has size. He has technique. He has athleticism. The under-appreciated part of Kondolo's game is his motor and aggression. When Kondolo has taken care of his initial block you can find him leading or trailing the play looking for another person to hit. You can't teach desire and Kondolo has it.

Kondolo likely projects to play offensive guard at Nebraska and fits in nicely with four-star offensive tackle Matt Finnin who is also a junior college commitment, three-star Zach Hannon who likely projects to guard and three-star offensive tackle David Knevel who is already on campus for Nebraska.

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