Sibling rivalry

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InsideTennessee explores the stories other sites overlook. Check out this article on Vol football's battling Berry twins:

Tennessee’s “circle of life” drill became a family circle of life drill earlier this week, reportedly producing some … uh … kin competition. Head coach Butch Jones decided it would be cool to pit twins Evan and Elliott Berry against one another in a drill that closely resembles two young rams butting heads to see who flinches. With teammates forming a circle around the combatants (hence the drill’s name) reporters couldn’t tell who won the brother-against-brother confrontation. And, if the Berrys know, they aren’t telling. “I don’t know,” Evan said. “You might have to ask Coach that. He (Elliott) kind of got me at the beginning but I held my own at the end.” Unlike the Williams sisters in tennis, the Berry brothers have no reservations about head-to-head competition. Evan (5-feet-11, 199 pounds) and Elliott (6-feet, 208 pounds) have been squaring off for years. “Growing up, we’ve been very competitive,” Evan said. “We already knew Coach was putting us together, so we kind...