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Lard butt to hard butt

Lard butt to hard butt

There's an old joke about a woman so fat that, when friends urged her to "haul ass," she had to make two trips. Tennessee's 2005 offensive linemen can relate. Averaging better than 330 pounds per man last fall, they also were the butt of some unflattering quips.

Not anymore, though. The big uglies aren't nearly as big as they were last year. Case in point: Chris Scott. After reporting as a 360-pound freshman last August, he is down to a svelt 300 pounds this August. His friends back home in Lovejoy, Ga., hardly recognize him anymore. "They're like ‘Oh, man! For real?' They're used to seeing me with a real fat face, a big gut on me," he said recently... Recommended Stories

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