SEC Bloggers Week Ten Review

Week Ten under the gun

Each Monday, CFN's SEC Bloggers put the previous weekend under the microscope, looking for the Lucky 7.

BG is Billy Gomila, BH is Brian Harbach, GH is Gabe Harris , RM is Russ Mitchell, and BS is Barrett Sallee.

BG: Chris Todd, QB, Auburn – Completed his first 14 passes, and threw 4 TDs. (RM Note: Against the mighty 4-5 Furman Paladins. You mind if we hold off on the confetti, Bill?)
BH: Mark Ingram, RB, Bama – 144 yards on 22 carries; took over the 2H with his physical running.
GH: Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas – 23 for 27, 329 yards and 0 INTs in big win over South Carolina for bowl positioning.
RM: Mark Ingram, RB, Bama– What a difference a half makes; ‘bama finally wakes up and runs its star in the 2H, opening up some passing lanes, and GMac even hit a couple of ‘em.
BS: Mark Ingram, RB, Bama– His back must be hurting from carrying his team v LSU.

BG: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU – He is the best cornerback in the SEC. Made a great play on a 4Q INT, only to have refs take it away.
BH: Marcel Dareus, DT, Bama – Flat out owned the LSU O-line in the 2H, even with an illegal hand to the face or two.
GH: Marcell Dareus, DE, Bama – 4 tackles and 2 sacks (if a no-call spearing of QB Jefferson), as Alabama clinched SEC West.
RM: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU – Had he been on the field in the 2H, Julio Jones & Greg McElroy have one less TD, and Mac 73 less yards. Text book example of a "Shut Down" corner, and he's just a soph.
BS: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU – Fought through cramps to make a huge INT. Oh wait, they didn't count that for some reason.

BG: Leigh Tiffin, K, Bama – Credit where it's due; he's the most consistent part of Alabama's attack.
BH: Chris Henry, P, Florida – Not a lot of options this week, but Henry averaged 52 yards a punt against Vandy this weekend.
GH: Leigh Tiffin, K, Bama – Hit 3 FGs and an XP in breaking Bama's career scoring record (348 points).
RM: Leigh Tiffin, PK, Bama – ‘bama's Red Zone woes are making Tiffin's career.
BS: Leigh Tiffin, PK, Bama – When the Tide offense sputters, he remains steady.

BG: Bobby Petrino, Arkansas – Kept his team focused through a rough start for a much-needed conference W.
BH: Les Miles, LSU – Good game plan until injuries and refs. It was pretty impressive how he handled the post-game presser. No blame, no excuses. Sounded like Bo.
GH: Nick Saban, Bama – Their games aren't always pretty, but continues to do what it takes to win.
RM: Bobby Petrino, Arkansas – While SC's D was banged up, this was a great offensive game plan. (Nod to LSU's Gary Crowton; until he lost both his QB and RB, his game plan was besting Nick Saban's defense.)
BS: Bobby Petrino, Arkansas – Quietly dismantled a good Gamecock D.

BG: LSU v. Alabama- An epic battle down to the 4Q, tarnished once again by bad officiating. Could be said after every big conference game this year.
BH: LSU v. Alabama - The 4Q ended up being pretty anticlimactic, but hands down the best of the weekend.
GH: LSU v. Alabama - Lived up to the hype, but a big SEC game once again marred by a blown call by the referees (see the second picture in this article)
RM: LSU v. Alabama - Great 1H of football. Bites that we're forced to talk about officiating again.
BS: LSU v. Alabama - Too bad LSU was robbed of its chance to win by the replay officials.

BG: Urban Meyer's fine - Good to know Mike Slive will spread out the fines equally among coaches. Now, will he be as equitable with the apologies for officiating screw-ups? Doubt it.
BH: Florida Offense - How they only scored 27 points is beyond comprehension.
GH: Les Miles postgame reaction - Rather subdued considering the referees may have stolen another (though he didn't help his cause – see below).
RM: ‘Bama's 1H Offense - The Tide nearly cost itself the game trying to pass its way out of the 1H. McElroy was terrible, and the Tigers led 7-3. Thankfully for ‘bama, cooler heads prevailed, and Ingram got his carries in the 2H (with predictable results). Without a cramping Peterson & the no call on that INT, McElroy's stats are 19/34, 203, 1 TD and 2 INTs. Hey, you never know - maybe Jenkins and Haden will both cramp up in Hotlanta. (Nod to LSU losing, but still rising from 9 to 8 in the polls?)
BS: Jonathan Crompton - 16 TD's and 2 INT's since October started.

BG: SEC Officiating - The Patrick Peterson INT was one of many blown calls on Saturday. If Mr. Slive truly cares about the quality of play in this league, change must be enacted and it must be enacted soon.
BH: The LSU Injuries - I feel ripped off we couldn't see the entire LSU/Alabama game with a healthy Jordan Jefferson, Patrick Peterson and Charles Scott.
GH: Les Miles' game management - Does he not learn from his own mistakes? The 3Q is way too early to go for 2, especially when you are winning the game at the time. (BG Note: I disagree. Bill Belichick made the same call in a similar situation in the Pats game on Sunday. Unless you also think it was a mistake for B2.)
RM: Roll Ref Roll - With not one but TWO feet in, and clear control, a very crappy call. It's disheartening having to write about officiating instead of football. And there's no way Slive can afford to give LSU an apology, particularly after that fine he just gave Meyer; there have been too many apologies for officiating, it's going to undermine all credibility. Still, while it was outplayed in the 1H, 'bama's D was vicious. There has absolutely been a passing of the torch in the SEC West; ‘bama's D, not LSU's, is now the biggest, meanest dog in the junkyard. Yes, the no-call was egregious and will be discussed for ages. But given how the two teams played the 2H, and bama's pounding D (think injuries to QB Jefferson and RB Scott), ‘bama likely still wins this one – but who knows… Regardless, we all got cheated out of the final Tiger drive this weekend. (22-6: the penalty differential (LSU:'bama) the last two games in Tuscaloosa (for those keeping score at home)).
BS: Gerald Hodges - Replay official at the LSU v. Bama game. Robbed LSU of a chance to win the SEC West. It's getting harder and harder to believe that there's not a conspiracy.

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