SEC Bloggers Week Twelve Review

Week Twelve under the gun

Each Monday, CFN's SEC Bloggers put the previous weekend under the microscope, looking for the Lucky 7.

BG is Billy Gomila, BH is Brian Harbach, GH is Gabe Harris , RM is Russ Mitchell, and BS is Barrett Sallee.

BG: Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky – 245 total yards and 2 TDs in UK's upset between the hedges.
BH: Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas – 5 TD passes this weekend against MSU; if this kid isn't the first team SEC QB, I will eat my hat.
GH: Dexter McCluster, RB, Ole Miss – 166 yards rushing/receiving, and a 27 yard TD pass.
RM: Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky – 87 yards rushing, 80 receiving, & 85 KOR; clutch performance on the road. (Nod to McCluster (6 yards /touch) and Mallett, but for the 2 INTs).
BS: Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas – Broke Razorback all-time single-season TD pass record with 5 more vs. Mississippi State. Draft stock rising.

2. DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Sam Maxwell, LB, Kentucky
BG: Sam Maxwell, LB, Kentucky – INT helped Wildcats catch the Bulldogs mourning the late UGA VII.
BH: Sam Maxwell, LB, Kentucky – The game clinching pick was perfectly played; baited Joe Cox into that pass.
GH: Sam Maxwell, LB, Kentucky – Another great performance by an SEC linebacker in a big game.
RM: Sam Maxwell, LB, Kentucky – Seemed to be everywhere on the field, all game; was waiting for him to catch a pass. Then he did.
BS: Sam Maxwell, LB, Kentucky – 11 total tackles and a crucial INT vs. Georgia.

BG: Javier Arenas, PR, Alabama – Became the SEC's career leader in return TD's with a 66-yarder vs. Chattanooga.
BH: Javier Arenas, KR, Alabama – Returned his 7th career punt return for a TD and set a record for career return yardage.
GH: Joshua Shene, PK, Ole Miss – 4 big FGs in 2-point win.
RM: Joshua Shene, PK, Ole Miss – Likely the difference in this rivalry game W.
BS: Joshua Shene, PK, Ole Miss – His four FG's were the difference.

4. COACH OF THE WEEK: Rich Brooks, Kentucky
BG: Rich Brooks, Kentucky – As his time as head coach winds down, he's leaving a lasting legacy in Lexington.
BH: Rich Brooks, Kentucky – 4 straight winning seasons at Kentucky, 4 straight bowl games, and with a win over UT, he is the SEC Coach of the Year.
GH: Rich Brooks, Kentucky – UK scored 2 TDs and forced 3 TOs in 4Q to pull off the road upset.
RM: Les Miles, LSU – Just kidding, Les. Have another taco. :) Rich Brooks might not have the talent pool enjoyed by many of his SEC brothers, but the man can coach at any level. And he knows how to pick off a wounded duck.
BS: Rich Brooks, Kentucky – The season of milestones continues with Kentucky's upset at Georgia; first time they've won in Athens in 32 years.

BG: LSU v. Ole Miss – Insanity aside, this game kept your attention for all 60 minutes.
BH: LSU v. Ole Miss – The UGA/UK game was great too, but what game is everyone still talking about?
GH: LSU v. Ole Miss – Back and forth game with another wild (though avoidable if you are a good game manager) finish. This one will be talked about for a long time.
RM: LSU v. Ole Miss – So that's where that one second went.
BS: Kentucky v. UGA – Exciting game with a whacky 4Q ON THE FIELD, as opposed to the comedy of coaching errors in the LSU vs. Ole Miss game.

BG: Tim Tebow's playing time. – Really? He needed to throw 25 passes and run 7 times versus FIU? In November? I bet Mike Slive had snipers ready to gun down any Golden Panther defenders just looking at the Golden Boy the wrong way before the SEC title game.
BH: Georgia – Thought they turned a corner last week against Auburn, but clearly that was a roundabout, not a corner.
GH: Kentucky beating Georgia – UK beats Auburn and Georgia, on the road, in the same season? Rick Brooks is underrated, and I don't care if AU and UGA are having down years.
RM: Morgan Newton – Show us anyone outside of Lexington who had this kid winning between the hedges; 178.9 Passing Efficiency, 3 TDs & zero INTs; if only 137 yards on 9/17 passing.
BS: Morgan Newton – True freshman QB goes into Athens, on a day when Bulldog fans are carrying heavy hearts, and springs the upset.

BG: LSU – Play calling so bad it raises questions of intent, followed by the bungled ending, followed further by Les Miles compounding things in the post-game press conference. His tenure as head coach just went off the rails.
BH: The LSU Coaching Staff – Miles deserves most of the heat, but once again Gary Crowton called a terrible game, highlighted by the first three plays once LSU was in FG range. Miles should have stopped him. If your kicker already made a 50 yarder, just give him a chance to win the game, particularly with 2 TOs in the bag.
GH: Les Miles – This is disappointing, but there is a pattern here regarding poor game management. See Tennessee in 2005, Auburn in 2007...
RM: Les Miles – Matt Zemek is right: Hire someone to handle the last two minutes of regulation for you, Les. We would give it to the entire coaching staff, but the buck stops with The Hat, and it's a pattern, not an exception.
BS: Les Miles – Horrible, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE clock management. Then, to compound it further by either not remembering or being insincere in saying you weren't calling for the QB spike when, as video from WBRZ-TV indicates, you were, is simply inexcusable. Epic fail.

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