South Region: Rankings, Visits, Predictions

South Region: Rankings, Visits, Predictions

The South Region has several schools looking at Juco prospects as official visitors this weekend as well as several commitments have gone public this week. The coaching changes should cause a lot of shake-up in the next few weeks as well. takes a look at who picked up commitments and who's on the visitors' list....

South Region Recruiting Rankings, Visitors and Commitments:

4. Alabama
Visitor after the SEC Championship game from 3-star DE Adrian Hubbard.

5. LSU
The Tigers will host 5-star DE Corey Lemonier.

6. Florida
7. Tennessee
The Volunteers will host 2-star Juco OT David Gonzales.

8. Georgia
14. Miami
19. Auburn
The Tigers landed a commitment from 2-star TE Dakota Mosley.

25. Clemson
28. South Carolina
The Gamecocks will host 4-star PG OT Morgan Moses.

29. N.C. State
The Wolfpack picked up a commitment from Reggie Wilkins.

31. Vanderbilt
32. Florida State
New head coach Jimbo Fisher landed four commitments in 3-star Juco CB Michael Harris for the class of 2010, and 3-star CB Trey Pettis, 3-star CB Keelin Smith and S Lamarcus Brutus in the class of 2011.

35. North Carolina
New commitments from 2-star OLB P.J. Plyburn and 2-star Darius Lipford. One official visitor is listed 3-star Juco TE Ken Adams.

37. Georgia Tech
40. Wake Forest
42. Mississippi State
The Bulldoga picked up a commitment from 3-star Juco DT James Carmon.

43. Arkansas
47. Ole Miss
New commitment on board, 4-star Juco S Damien Jackson. The Rebels are hosting 4-star Juco CB Dequan Menzie, 3-star Juco DE Josh Tillman and 3-star Juco TE Brandon Mosley.

57. South Florida
61. Kentucky
The Wildcats picked up a commitment from 2-star TE Nermin Delic. They will have a busy weekend hosting visitors: 4-star OG Eric Mack, 3-star CB Anterrio Sloan, 3-star RB Miles Simpson, 3-star RB Rajaan Bennett, 3-star DT Jared Morse, 3-star DT Brice Laughlin, 3-star S Ryan Smith, 3-star RB Jerrell Priester, 3-star Dale Trimble 2-star DE Alvin Davis, RB Joseph Byrd, WR Lamar Ivey, and S Davin Hawkins.

62. Southern Miss
64. Duke
The Blue Devils are hosting 4-star OLB Aramide Olaniyan, 4-star PG DT Josh Watson, 3-star RB Jay Hughes, DT Tra Thomas, S Ed Reynolds and another possible visitor.

65. UCF
74. Tulane
79. Troy
81. Louisiana Tech
90. FIU
Official visitor is set with 2-star OT David Delsoin.

97. East Carolina
100. UAB
109. Memphis
112. Arkansas State
114. Louisiana
117. Middle Tennessee
New commitment added in 2-star MLB Corey Carmichael.

SEC Publishers/Writers Predictions: (76-19)

Alabama 21, Florida 17 -- All signs point to a Florida win, but we have a hard and fast rule at we always pick Alabama to win and we're almost always right. Both teams are better than they were a year ago when Florida won 31-20. Alabama had the lead after three quarters of that game. If the Crimson Tide can complete that well this year, then Bama must figure out a way to make it the final 15 minutes. (77-17)

Florida 24, Alabama 21

It's a very tough choice between the two teams, but in the end I think Florida's experience get the Gators through in the end. They are also coming in off a better win.
As far as who I would like to see win - it doesn't really matter to me. I just want Dallas to beat the New York Giants on the following day. (ITAT) (73-18)

Look for a low scoring game with two strong defenses on the field Saturday. The Florida offense hasn't been up to recent standards, but the Gators still have Tim Tebow and he is a difference-maker so look for another Gator victory. (62-22)

Florida 27 Alabama 13 - The difference is Tim Tebow. the defenses have their all-stars in different places. Alabama has the better running game, Florida the better passing game. Tebow makes both of those better. (66-18) (63-21)

I think Alabama is the one team in the SEC who has the tools to beat Florida. They are capable of controlling the clock with their ground game. They have good speed at all the necessary positions, and they have the coaching staff with the knowledge. With that said, I think Florida comes out on top because even though Alabama can control the ball on the ground, Florida is capable of exploding offensively at any time. Nobody can stop them for four quarters.

Florida 38, Alabama 24 (71-23)

Alabama 27, Florida 32

In 2008, Florida was the team that had the blemish - a home loss to Ole Miss. Headed to Atlanta, Alabama was perfect through SEC play. This season, head coach Nick Saban can say the same. Florida, however, has not matched the feat. In a battle of unbeaten teams, this one decides who will go to the National Championship game - and probably win in.

I think that this one will come down to who has better athletes on both sides of the football, and I like the defending National Champion Florida Gators. Tim Tebow will have the Gators geared up to play, and the Crimson Tide will need to look for motivation to match. Certainly a chance to play in Pasadena would help light the fire.

It would be nice to see Alabama win the game and take home the National Championship, making the third different SEC team to win the title in as many years. In reality, the Tide won't get the shot after the Gators take home a close win in Atlanta.

Gene' (65-19) (69-20)

The SEC Championship Game between Alabama and Florida has the makings of a classic. Both teams have excellent defenses and neither beat themselves on offense, taking what defenses give them and not making ciritcal mistakes. The star power in the game will be unmatched in any college game all season, including the National Championship game. This game will be as evenly matched as it gets.

Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow, however, may be the kicker and the difference in the game. His will to win has been scattered across the landscape of the SEC and the nation for four years. Some how and some way, Tebow always manages to raise his level of play in the big games and this one will be no different, despite him facing the toughest defense he's ever had to face in his collegiate career. As an SEC follower, it does not matter to me who wins the game. Let's just have a great one.

Florida 27, Alabama 24 (78-18)

Predicted winner: Florida
Why: Florida and Alabama both have incredibly stout defenses, but the Gators hold a slight edge on the offensive side of the ball with Tim Tebow's dual-threat, efficient play at quarterback. Ultimately, I expect a physical, four quarter battle on Saturday, with the Gators making the key plays to win the game late.

Who I'd like to see win: Alabama
Why: The Gators have won the SEC title and national title two out of the past three years. I'll be pulling for the Tide in this one because they're the underdog, and it'd be entertaining to see a new team representing the conference in the BCS Championship this year. (75-21)

Prediction: Alabama 27, Florida 24

I think Alabama will win because it is more balanced offensively. The Tide is better at running back (Mark Ingram) and wide receiver (Julio Jones). Obviously, Tebow gives Florida the edge at quarterback but it's easier to scheme to stop one guy than to stop two. Bama shut him down for 45 minutes last time. The Tide just needs to finish better this time.

I'd like to see both lose. Nick Saban and Urban Meyer come across as the two most arrogant people on the planet. Seeing either eat humble pie would be fun. Seeing both do so would be heavenly. If I have to choose one or the other, I'd prefer Alabama win just because Florida already won two of the past three national titles, and the winner of this game WILL go on to win the BCS Championship Game. The SEC rules! (76-19)

Alabama 20, Florida 17- I believe these two teams are very close talent wise, about even. As we've seen in many big games already this season in the SEC, it's going to come down to an officiating call. These officials, who grew up with Bear Bryant and strong Alabama teams, will likely let a close call go in the Tide's favor. But watch out for Tebow. College Football Forum [click here].

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